Saturday, December 2, 2006


Want to earn online?

Interested?? I bet you are!!

Earn Online - Be an ONLINE TEACHER of

You'll earn US $4 per hour depending on your own time availability.

There are no catch!!! Just teach and you'll get paid.
No registrations of what so ever.

You can choose to teach a subject from the wide array of choices and you
can also decide to teach until what grade of student.

For example you want to teach math, but you can only teach upto 5th
graders then that's good enough! or even if you can only teach upto 1st
grade students! You can also choose to teach English, Science, History,
Chemistry, Physics and many more.

TAKE NOTE: You will handle one student at a time. This is a one on one

You teach then you get paid. Don't worry they will also be giving you an
online training to get you started.

How to get your salary? Money transfer through banks.
Real money not just shopping credits on the internet!!

You can choose to work part time or work regular! It's up to you!
Education grad would be an advantage but would not be the basis for
being hired.

You must have good communication skills at least college level.

To know more email :

a i n e e @ k i l l e r b e e 8 9 1 . c o m

She will tell you there where to send your resume so you can be interviewed right away!