Sunday, March 25, 2007

Jobs in NHBS Inc.


Address: 6440 Sky Point Drive
Las Vegas - 89131
Contact: Liz Roberts

Company Description:

We are an online marketing company located in Las Vegas NV.


1. - Article Writers
We are currently seeking 2 content writers. You must be experienced in writing content for the web. Please submit sample work and work that can be found online. Must be able to write about a variety of topics. Writers familiar in business topics, marketing, online marketing, finance, and writing reviews are esp needed. You must have high speed reliable internet connection and yahoo msgr. Our clients may contact you during your shift with changes or request. Must speak and write English very well. ..... (continued)

Location: Any - Davao
Salary: $3 USD per accepted article
Date: 23 March 2007

2. - Web Designer Needed
We are seeking 2 FT web designers. Must know how to create custom headers for blogs, and sites in CSS & HTML. May also need to create for CMS systems. This will be on the night shift from the hours of 7am - 4 pm pacific standard time (US). You must have a high speed internet connection and yahoo msgr account. Our clients or supervisors may contact you during your shift with questions or request. Must have experience. Please submit your resume, a list of links were we can see your work, references, ..... (continued)

Location: Any - Davao
Salary: nego with skills
Date: 23 March 2007

3. - Web Programmers Needed
We are seeking 2 web programmers that can work at home during the night shift until we open our office in Davao They must know PHP, and its helpful if they know some of the following programs: HTML / XHTML Perl Turbo C / C++ Turbo Pascal Java Java Script CSS PHP Auto CAD SQL / MYSQL Visual Basic MS DOS Oracle Assembly language This is a FT position and you must have a high speed connection to the internet. So that our clients or one of the supervisors can contact you thru Yahoo msgr during your shifts. ..... (continued)

Location: Any - Davao
Salary: nego with skills
Date: 23 March 2007

4. - Link Builders / SEO
We are seeking 4 link builders / SEO workers. MUST have experience and excellent English skills. Must have high speed internet access and Yahoo msgr. The hours are on the night shift 7 - 4 Pacific standard time (US) Please send resume, references and salary requirements. Please note that this position is home based for now..we will be opening an office in Davao later in the year.

Location: Any - Davao
Salary: P10,000
Date: 23 March 2007

5. - Online News Writer
Job vacancy available for 2 news writers. The hirees will be assigned to monitor assigned blogs and newsletters in the online self-improvement field, then write down news reports in accordance with preset guidelines. Requirements include: 1) Must be flawless in English grammar, punctuation use, and sentence structure. 2) Familiarity with self-improvement topics a plus, but not required. Please send your resume, any sample of your original writing, and salary expectation to with the ..... (continued)

Location: Any - Nationwide
Salary: nego
Date: 9 February 2007