Saturday, July 14, 2007

LF: SQL Developer

This was emailed to me by Mr. Rey Nugas. If you're interested, send your application and resume in his email add: yre3459[at]yahoo[dot]com


I'm from Davao City currently working outside the country and our company is planning on migrating our MS Acces database to SQL and to make it more web based. We want to outsource this project and my boss tasked me to find someone from the Philippines. Will you please help me on this?

We are looking for someone who can convert this Acces database to SQL and the knowhow to make it accesible via a web page to centralize our data from the main office.

Kindly pass this message to all IT people in Davao who might be interested. Remuneration will be comensurate to the job provided.

Thanks in advance,
Rey Nugas