Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Football Weekend

Don’t you like it when family go out and have fun together? Me and my cousins are like that. We bond more than our friends. In fact as I write now, they are planning for our weekend getaway. This is the perfect time for me to relax from my stressful work at the office. I remember the last time I spent the holidays with them, I really had a blast. So I'm hoping it will be the same.

Anyway, we like long drives and tough sports so I think I’d like to watch football with them. I’m sure that getting tickets and fixing my schedule will not be that hard to do. I can look over the internet the schedules for Georgia Dome Tickets, Cowboys Stadium Tickets or Arrowhead Stadium Tickets. I just have to call my cousins to choose one of course. Now that I just bought a new SUV, this will definitely be exciting. I have been to the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, the famous home of the Dallas Cowboys and I’d love to wear those sexy boots and cowboy hat again (lol!). Yeah, that would be fun with my cousins dressing up as well with photo-ops of course. Oh I can't wait!