Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wishful Thinking No More

Generally, I get starstrucked at celebrities even by just watching them on the TV screen. The performances from my favorite shows are really awesome and I had wished to be part of those partying studio or live audiences. But lo and behold, my yearning did not remain only as a wishful thinking when I discovered online.

That was just the beginning of my weekend trips to the live shows. The site has been able to provide me seats were I could get a close view of my favorite artists. I could remember well the time I and my bestfriend got our Britney Spears Tickets from them. We were so ecstatic that we booked for Billy Elliot Tickets for the next show. Moreover, I have shared the fondest memories with my ex-boyfriend when we had American our Idiot Tickets. We were able to see the contestants really near as we got the chance to sit as close as we want. In addition, I can’t wait to have my Brian Regan Tickets as promised by my colleague who loves the artist so much. And guess what, Mom’s going to get me Taylor Swift Tickets for my birthday next month! I think I am having one of the greatest privileges in life. Thanks to who gives these wonderful opportunities of watching those shows without having to pay much.