Saturday, June 11, 2011

Olivia Munn Makes A Guest Appearance

For me watching television is a fun thing to do, but when I am able to see the people that are making guest appearances on some of the shows I watch it is even better. That is when I knew that it was going to be a great episode of a show when I noticed that Olivia Munn was going to be on the show. Now many people may not know about her, but she is a great actress that was on the G4 network as a guest host on one of their most popular shows.

In the guest appearance that she was making it was going to be as a nanny that was being recruited. However, like many of these nannies that were on the shows she ended up being nothing more than a slightly horny girl that would do anything to seduce the guys friends. While many people enjoyed watching this show it actually ended up helping her get a lead role on some of the other shows that she is now starring in.

Being able to watch television is a great thing, but when I see people making a guest appearance it is even better. That is when I knew that being able to watch Olivia Munn in her guest appearance on my is a great thing and a wonderful way to see this actress display her skills more.

Guest written by our friend Mason Abbott