Sunday, June 26, 2011

Online Education as One of My Passports to a Better Future

Education is one of the passports to a good life. That was what my father used to tell me when I as a kid. That is also one reason why no matter how difficult the circumstances are, I did my best to get a College Education.

My father had an untimely death so we were not able to prepare what was ahead of us. I was already in College that time so I could not just back out. I had to do three part time jobs at the same time which helped me through the graduation and sure enough, landed at a very promising job.

My brother also had to work hard. Good thing was that, he was as determined as I was. There were also more options available during his time. Online Degree Programs worked really well for him since he had to work part time too. The time flexibility from those programs paved way for him to graduate from University.

In my case, I wanted to pursue another major which is Education. Since I was already working, I enrolled in an online degree programs in education. And I was lucky enough to use Federal Student Aid College Finder ( to help me find the best opportunity. True enough, if people are determined and motivated, options are always around them. In this case, online education has truly been helpful in pursuing my dream amidst life’s difficulties.