Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Planning for Best Friend’s 30th Birthday

My best friend’s 30th birthday is fast approaching and I am one of those who are secretly organizing a big event for that very day. Along with my close friends, we thought of making her day a memorable one by planning a surprise party where the most important people in her life are present. We want the guest to remember the said occasion. Creative games, great food, cute give-aways and a heart-warming video presentation and slide show will be prepared. 

Since her 30th birthday is not just any party, we try to juice out all our imaginative ideas to make it really blast - sweet and memorable - characteristics that best describe my best friend. In addition to the take home memories, we are also giving away custom keychains that are awesomely made by Go Promos. Their online site can provide great details about how to have them with the less cost. I am already getting so excited for her!