Thursday, May 3, 2012

Resort Manager

* To manage and be responsible for resort operations.
* Manage, train and motivate resort management team and staff.
* To comply with all procedures and standards as set out in the company policy.
* Should ensure excellent communication bet. resort management team, and with resort staff.
* Ensure health and hygiene standards are met.
* Maintain a high profile within the resort and to have regular positive contact with guests throughout their stay.
* Ensuring the resort stays within budget.
* Monitoring overall resort expenditure and completing weekly accounts.
* In charge of welcoming resort independent arrivals.
* Arranging and conducting weekly meetings with staff and with resort management team.
* Carrying out disciplinary procedures when necessary and supervision of staff accommodation to ensure standards are being adhered to.

*MUST be FEMALE, 24-29 years old.
*With at least 6 months related experience.
*Works well under pressure.
*Knows how to strictly adhere to company policies and procedures.
*Must be willing to work on Sundays and holidays, if needed.
*With marketing skills.
*Knows to deal and interact with different types and classes of people.

Please send resume thru email at