Friday, August 24, 2012

Getting Expert Help from Chemical Advisors

For a more palatable takeover of the nickel company in Southeast Asia that we were targeting, my firm consulted the expertise of a chemical advisory. As a trusted name in chemical investment bank, the advisory team specialists’ pointers and guidelines in our chemical mergers and acquisitions transaction was a life saver for both parties. The takeover, along with management and operations transition, was not too harsh a change on the part of the nickel company, due in large part to our advisors’ breadth of global footprint and their years of focus in the chemical sector. Their specialists guided us in our decision making with their wide and varied experience combined with tested expertise in business valuation. The deals they made for us were smart and sharp…every potential conflict and complications in our new venture were cleared at the outset considering they are an independent organization. As we speak, all is up and running.