Thursday, September 30, 2010

Training and Development Staff

Kamayo Mindanao Foundation (KMFI), Inc.

Responsible for Training Needs Assessment, Course Design, Training Delivery, and Evaluation of Development Programs of the Foundation.

A Graduate of Psychology or any related 4-year course, has knowledge on Training and development processes, strong attention to detail, works well under pressure, and proactive.

Date: 29 September 2010
City/Town: Davao City
Location: Davao
Wage/Salary: -
Start: Urgent
Duration: 10 months
Type: Full Time
How to apply: You can send your resume via email, fax or in person. You can visit our website at
Company: Kamayo Mindanao Foundation (KMFI), Inc.
Contact: Ms. Reign Costes
Phone: (082) 225-8892 loc 120
Fax: (082) 300-4469