Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hospital Uniform

Cops are recognized by their uniform. Their authority is respected because of the badge they carry and for what it stands for… and we trust them because of their job: to protect us. In my line of work, I feel that our clients trust us because of the badge we wear — our hospital uniform. When people are admitted to the hospital for care and treatment, their emotions are fragile… eyes blinded with pain and angst, to see a doctor like myself puts them at ease. What we wear is a symbol that help is here. So, how’d they know we’re the professionals who will cater to their needs? That assurance is in large part given by the medical coats that doctors wear. For friendly-looking, crisp and assured germ-free, comfortable-to-wear hospital apparel, I always go to to purchase my hospital uniform. It’s the only brand I trust that does my profession justice.