Saturday, October 15, 2011

Laws on Overtime

The work culture in the call center world is defined as: working off the clock and overtimes. I’m a customer service rep for several years and it’s only now that I understood I’m entitled a pay for all hours worked over 40 hours per work week. I’m working week in and week out, and on top of my day’s work I spend extra hours sitting in one-on-one coaching with my team lead and quality assurance, attending team meetings for product knowledge updates, attending required training programs, reading company memos and updates, making notes and completing paperwork before or after calls are completed, AND booting up computers or logging in and out systems. These routine tasks do take extra time, but for a while I didn’t receive the pay due to me… But laws on overtime indicate that I have entitled claims. At, I gained better understanding and their lawyers helped me claim my $980. entitlement for overtimes & working lunch breaks. Now I feel secure that every minute worked is paid. That’s the protection I never knew I needed.