Sunday, December 11, 2011

Visiting with an Old Friend

Posted by Arden Wallace

One of my favorite things to do right before Christmas is go visit Santa. Yes I know I am way too old to believe that a big man in a red suit will come down my chimney and bring me presents but it’s a tradition that I always have a visit with the man on Christmas Eve. So, this Saturday, I will set my Georgia security system then head to the local department store on my way to mom’s for dinner. Hopefully there won’t be a long line. There usually isn’t. Most of the children have already given him their list of wants and are home excited to see what he will bring that night. While there I always have my picture made for my mom. She keeps an album of just my pictures with Santa and it’s fun to look through all the pictures over the years. All the hairstyles and the fashion choices, good bad and horrible, are there for the viewing. As well as the Santas, good bad and horrible. Some years he’s more realistic than others!