Monday, January 30, 2012

Green Friendly

"Color Me Green”. This is the theme for Earth’s Beauty Expo where I’m an exhibitor. The expo’s drive and thrust is to protect the environment by using organic minerals and ingredients in cosmetics industry. This platform will bring together beauty professionals from all facets of the industry including make-up artists, stylists, designers and distributors. In keeping with the expo’s advocacy, I am going to use tradeshow flooring that’s guaranteed green friendly. I ordered this light oak comfort tiles-designer flooring which is in full-sized pieces for all corners and edges. There are no more annoying detachable edges to put together! It’s a durable 5/8” high density interlocking flooring that sets up in minutes and easy to clean. I no longer have to get fatigued from packing up and cleaning the pieces, or losing some! I'm so impressed I also got matching logo mats and logo canopy. It’s reusable so I’ve one less worry in my next exhibit. Reusing my flooring is green friendly!